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Momentum is all about reducing the negatives and amplifying the positives. A slam dunk in basketball produces a monumental momentum swing in basketball. A productive morning routine followed by reading something that enhances our lives is our slam dunk. Creating an epiphany that sparks excitement and imagination. Intervals of only ten minutes a day on …

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The three universal truths states nothing is permanent. Don’t stress yourself too much because no matter how bad the situation…it will change. Metamorphosis is the natural revision that inevitably occurs in each of us. Recognizing this adjustment is the tipping point. Use this thought to fuel your energy and adjust your circumstances. The art of …

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Nirvana is achieved by the eighth noble truth – Mindfulness. Shifting consciousness. Cultivate witnessing awareness. Witness life from a movie. The key to happiness is to step back. Do not judge others and do not judge yourself. Judge nothing and your mind goes silence. Become air. Be the silent witness of all that is happening. …

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Second Brain

We have an upper and lower brain. Our lower brain is the stomach. The gut. There are more neurons in our stomach than the brain of a domesticated animal. Neurotransmitters (serotonins) are primarily digested through the stomach and released in the brain – meaning our stomach through neurotransmitters and neurons is our second brain. Digesting …

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Cognitive Abilities

Neuroplasticity refers to your brains ability to rewire and enhance your cognitive abilities. Enhancing brain molecules is relatively simple. Playing video games enhances our memory, reasoning and decision making. Listening to music increases our endorphins. And exercising reduces pessimism. Encompassing these primary anecdotes enhances our overall cognitive abilities and well-being. “We can’t solve problems by …

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Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligent (EQ) people are more successful than people with high intelligence (IQ). By mastering our emotions we are able to supersede our expectations. Control your emotions, control your life.  The primary emotional intelligent attributes are Self-Awareness (mindful), Self Regulation (self-control), Motivation (ambition), and Empathy (sympathy). Applying these attributes will enable you to master the …

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