Coronavirus Stimulus Package

The senate is pumping 2 trillion dollars into the economy. This bill addresses the economic impacts of, and otherwise responds to, the COVID -19 ( coronavirus) outbreak. This bill provides funding to $1200 tax rebates to individuals, with an additional $500 payments per qualifying child. There will be temporary suspends for student loans – forbearance, including grants, federal- work-study, subsidized loans, and Pell grants. The economy is on the verge of a recession, but this stimulus package relieves employment strife and enables the consumption of goods and products.

Yes, deficits are a problem…But the problem is not the size of the deficit, it’s the size of government’s claim on our economy.

Ronald Reagon

16 Personalities

Research the 16 personality types. Transitioning from an extrovert to an introvert in today’s post coronavirus environment is relatively easy. Exploring online course offerings, and streaming some ted talks is a good starting point. Take virtual museum tours and engulf yourself in free ivy league courses. Another way to share time with friends is to watch movies and videos with them virtually, an extension called network party, allowing people to watch movies simultaneously together. Change your extroversion on your MBTI results and enjoy the virtual world of our newly crowned environment.

There’s always room for improvement. You know – It’s the biggest room in the house.


Louise Leber

The Solution

Release your endorphins and serotines through regular exercise. Consume Campbell chicken noodle soup before a bath and drink electrolytes Gatorade afterward. The soup will bring your pores to fruition, a bath will wash your susceptible pores away, and the Gatorade will restore the electrolytes in the pores of your skin. Be cautious. Wash your hands regularly and take cold baths in the mornings and hot baths at night. This will counter anyone susceptible to the coronavirus. Be smart and drink water. And do not forget to live it up through social media while you are being cautiously quarantined.

Many people – the ones you are not sick obviously – are beginning to try to see the funny side of the self- isolation. Keeping people spirits up by laughing about new opportunities to drink more, working out, and texting while eating healthy sugar snacks.

-Elle Magazine

Negative before Positive

We think negative before positive to increase our endorphins. Causing a unilateral balance that feeds molecuels to our center cerebral. Allowing our brain to exercise its might with profound brainstorming thoughts. Similar to exercising and producing endorphins. Negative thinking is neutralized by a positive powerful awakenking that increases endorphins.

Endorphins are a very powerful thing.

-Irene Rosenfeld-

Stop. Collaborate and Listen. We are New Edition. Providing beautiful music to ponder the soul. We love everybody and do not believe in extremism. As greed is the root of all evil!

Forgive and Forget

Our minds are convoluted by the media. Our moral turpitude allows us to guide any misguided thoughts. God has given us the innate ability to decipher right from wrong – Making forgiveness a key component to establishing future relationships.

Man has two great spiritual needs. One is for forgiveness. The other is for goodness.

– Billy Graham –


Allow your moral compass to guide your restoration of beliefs. Continuous development enables one’s recognition of one’s bountiful spiritual attributes. Let us think with our heart and be less consumed with corner thoughts. Ethnocentrism towards one creed must be abolished to break all hierarchies. Giving us a greater appreciation of our circumstances and the world around us.

“Gratitude is a powerful catalyst for happiness. It’s the spark that lights the fire of joy in your soul.”

-Amy Collette-


Bipartisan is created by equalizing our education. Providing opportunity without the hardship of college loans. Where loans supersede our mortgages. Where loans supersede our credit score. And, where experience supersedes our education. Many advanced societies continue college education with the tax dollars that subsidize our high schools. Daily Potentiality provides an excellent adjunct to your continuing education. Sign up today to receive your adjunct scholarship.

“The desire to win, succeed, and reach your full potential; are the keys that unlock the door to personal excellence.”



Making up for lost time is accomplished by a single culminated moment. A moment where the brain chemistry is clicking on all cylinders. Raising your brain stratosphere to new heights of understanding. Knowing that any drawbacks were preparing us for this single moment. Transitoning from thick mist to complete clarity.

“Information informs the mind, revelations sets the heart on fire.”

-Matt Redman-

Spiritual Awareness

The power of our thoughts is like an antenna signaling different channels. Sometimes to disregard what we are watching on television, all we must do is change the channel. Just because a thought arises does not mean we believe in it. As an unintended linear thought produces emotions and actions. Control your emotions and control your thoughts. As harnessing your emotions into energy is the spark that ignites your wheel.

“Life is the culmination of the past, an awareness of the presence, and an indication of the future.”

-Charles Lindberg-