I am a divine being, and I call upon the power of God within me to channel my energy in deliberate ways. Divine energy is inexhaustible. Unlike my muscles, which can tire, and my mind, which can feel frazzled, the power of God within Circulates through me unimpeded. In prayer, I claim divine energy and imagine it flowing through me with the force of a mighty waterfall. I am grateful for my renewal.

Life is like a hot BATH

Mac – Apple

Medical devices: Graphene can be used to make new types of sensors, implants, and drug delivery systems. For example, graphene-based sensors are being developed that can detect cancer cells and other diseases. Graphene implants are being developed that can repair damaged tissues and organs. And graphene-based drug delivery systems are being developed that can deliver drugs more precisely and effectively.

Californium -252

(The Cure for Cancer)

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