Communication Secrets

1. To make someone expand on what they are saying simply look confused with your eyebrows.

2. If someone gives you an answer to a question that you're not happy with, remain quiet instead of pushing them for more information. Your silence will make them feel the need to elaborate more.

3. The most powerful sexual attraction between genders are pheromones. Blue Versace Cologne works every time!

4. Listen carefully to words. Especially Freudian slips.

5. To negotiate anything start by making them say "YES," they'll eventually say "YES" to whatever you want.

6. The more abstract the correlation the more likely you'll remember.

7. If someone is trying to intimidate you in a conversation, stare at their forehead with a blank expression to make them feel self conscious.

8. Whenever you're introducing a new idea to someone, lead with the words, "I'm not sure if this is for you, but..." It engages the person's interest and makes them feel like it IS probably for them.

9. If you whisper to someone, they will whisper back; even if there's no reason to do so.

10. Start nodding while speaking to get them to agree. They'll agree and start nodding back.

11. People who are lying usually blink more than normal, hide the palms of their hands, glance up to the right, mess with their hair/appearance, and use either abnormally long or short sentences.

12. If you want to get someone to like you more, ask them to do a small favor for you. Their subconscious mind will think that they like you because they're doing this favor for you.

13. Also, call someone by their name. People love to hear their name called by someone else because it makes them feel important and appreciated.

14. If someone is speaking, do not think of what to say next. Listen carefully and you will naturally know what to say.

15. If someone interrupts you just as you are about to speak - don't speak. It means you shouldn't mention it.

16. Serve food to calm people down. If you feel your environment is turning hostile or people are about to fight - serving food calms people down.

17. The following two questions will help create a deeper connection between you and the person you have feelings for: "What do you think we have in common?" and "What do you like most about me?"

18. If you're suffering from racing thoughts, use the 3-3-3 rule. Name three things you see, three things you hear, and then move three parts of your body. This will help center your mind and take you back to the present moment.

19. People are more likely to agree with you if you're mimicking their body language. So if you want someone to agree with your idea, ask them a question while subtly copying their body language. They'll subconsciously trust you more and agree with you.

20. When your friends apologize for something that doesn't seem like a big deal to you, they're typically trying to show you the things that bother THEM. For example, if they apologize for interrupting you, it probably means they don't like being interrupted.

21. Trust Code. Never lie to me. Keep silent rather than lying when asked a question.