WFSP Counterbalance Tweet “The art of living is always to make a good thing out of a bad thing.” -E.F. Schumacher-


Intellectualize your circumstances and situation. Take time to think how to increase your bravado in every circumstance. Think before you do. Become organized and presumptuous in every step. The secret of success is to be ready when your opportunity comes. So always, be ready. Take the unexpected journeys as they present themselves and turn the …

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I am a divine being, and I call upon the power of God within me to channel my energy in deliberate ways. Divine energy is inexhaustible. Unlike my muscles, which can tire, and my mind, which can feel frazzled, the power of God within flows through me unimpeded. In prayer, I claim divine energy and …

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Guaranteed to increase your wealthy mindset! Finding your talent and joining a fraternal order increases college and employer retention rates! Joining WFSP increases your ROI! Maximize your infinite potential with Spiritual Reflections. Inspirational quotes and instructional paraphrases with transforming mantra keywords. And, much, much more. Enhance your well-being and transform your life. Guaranteed to increase …

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