The Solution

Release your endorphins and serotines through regular exercise. Consume Campbell chicken noodle soup before a bath and drink electrolytes Gatorade afterward. The soup will bring your pores to fruition, a bath will wash your susceptible pores away, and the Gatorade will restore the electrolytes in the pores of your skin. Be cautious. Wash your hands regularly and take cold baths in the mornings and hot baths at night. This will counter anyone susceptible to the coronavirus. Be smart and drink water. And do not forget to live it up through social media while you are being cautiously quarantined.

Many people – the ones you are not sick obviously – are beginning to try to see the funny side of the self- isolation. Keeping people spirits up by laughing about new opportunities to drink more, working out, and texting while eating healthy sugar snacks.

-Elle Magazine