Forgive and Forget

Our minds are convoluted by the media. Our moral turpitude allows us to guide any misguided thoughts. God has given us the innate ability to decipher right from wrong – Making forgiveness a key component to establishing future relationships.

Man has two great spiritual needs. One is for forgiveness. The other is for goodness.

– Billy Graham –


Allow your moral compass to guide your restoration of beliefs. Continuous development enables one’s recognition of one’s bountiful spiritual attributes. Let us think with our heart and be less consumed with corner thoughts. Ethnocentrism towards one creed must be abolished to break all hierarchies. Giving us a greater appreciation of our circumstances and the world around us.

“Gratitude is a powerful catalyst for happiness. It’s the spark that lights the fire of joy in your soul.”

-Amy Collette-


Bipartisan is created by equalizing our education. Providing opportunity without the hardship of college loans. Where loans supersede our mortgages. Where loans supersede our credit score. And, where experience supersedes our education. Many advanced societies continue college education with the tax dollars that subsidize our high schools. Daily Potentiality provides an excellent adjunct to your continuing education. Sign up today to receive your adjunct scholarship.

“The desire to win, succeed, and reach your full potential; are the keys that unlock the door to personal excellence.”



Making up for lost time is accomplished by a single culminated moment. A moment where the brain chemistry is clicking on all cylinders. Raising your brain stratosphere to new heights of understanding. Knowing that any drawbacks were preparing us for this single moment. Transitioning from thick mist to complete clarity.

“Information informs the mind, revelations sets the heart on fire.”

-Matt Redman-



Spiritual Awareness

The power of our thoughts is like an antenna signaling different channels. Sometimes to disregard what we are watching on television, all we must do is change the channel. Just because a thought arises does not mean we believe in it. As an unintended linear thought produces emotions and actions. Control your emotions and control your thoughts. As harnessing your emotions into energy is the spark that ignites your wheel.

“Life is the culmination of the past, an awareness of the presence, and an indication of the future.”

-Charles Lindberg-

Profound Thoughts

Believing a blanket thought without thought is like an unfinished algebraic equation. Similar to a mathematical equation being proven, rational thought is proven through the equation of brainstorming. Math is designed to deepen our horizons. Let’s connect all the dots to make this world a better place. And, replace blanket statements with connecting the dots.

“The two more important days of our lives is the day you are born and the day you found out why.”

– Mark Twain-

Brainstorming Summit

Let’s grant amnesty who bring forth billions to our economy. We are fighting human trafficking, not nationalism. Whereas women are in bondage to access American residency and immigrants are in bondage to access opportunity. Granting amnesty creates a vote that is more in accordance with our multiculturalism. Creating an assimilation of immigrants that rings to the ears of all American inhabitants.

“We become not a melting pot but a beautiful mosaic. Different people different beliefs, different yearnings, different hopes, different dreams.”

-Jimmy Carter-


Considering, mans average life expectancy is less than 100 years old, the physical evolution of man is impossible. This theory only makes sense if each species, with the life expectancy of 100 years old, continues their life expectancy by the cyclic return of the soul into an embryo – spinning forward into the next generation.

“Have you ever met someone for the first time, but in your heart you have felt you met them before.”

-Joanne Kenrick-


Laughing is the best holistic medicine. Watching comedies and commercial jingles while eating apples on a daily basis is great medicine. Subsequently, we need to take these adage reflections more literally. Calisthenics and nutrition increases your endorphins while alleviating your depressed circumstances.

“So let’s work together to make this world a better place, and let’s start living.

– Quincy Jones


God’s divinity is in all of us. We all feel a piece his divinity. Mastering divinity enhances our mental faculties – allowing us to supersede any unquestionable answers. Think outside yourself and connect with the Lord’s beautiful surroundings. There is more than life than media and technology. Rise up and trust in the Lord.

“There is simply no way to comprehend the full implication of his love by the Kings of kings and the Lords of lords. He is all-powerful and all-knowing, majestic and holy, from everlasting to everlasting.”

– James C. Dobson-